Theramu Appoints Big Brand CEO to Lead Rapidly Growing Demand for Superior Hemp-Based Products
Joel Greengrass, formerly at Buzzfeed, FanDuel, drives new healthcare strategy, launches Theramu’s PRO line

Bakersfield, California, June 29, 2017 – Theramu, LTD today announced the appointment of Joel Greengrass, top executive from powerhouse brands including Buzzfeed, FanDuel, ideeli, Inc. and Equinox. This acquisition of talent from outside the cannabis space is intentional, recognizing the growing industry requires top-notch leadership, the latest technology and savvy revenue growth strategies.

The launch of Theramu’s PRO line was the primary catalyst for Greengrass’ appointment. The management team knew they had a superior product that could improve the lives of many people with the right leadership at the helm. Greengrass brings deep expertise in operations and strategic partnerships, and incredible passion for the product!

Read about Greengrass:

“What started with a friend sending a bottle of Theramu Relieve, has turned into one of the most exciting, cutting-edge moves of my career,” said Joel Greengrass, Theramu CEO. “Not only do I have full confidence in the product and company mission, I am thrilled to establish an entirely new method of distribution and accelerate the industry’s first-ever, revenue-share strategy through physician and wellness practices nationwide.”
Healthcare Industry Opportunity
Proprietary research conducted by Theramu showed approximately 50% of healthcare and wellness professionals across the country are “willing to try an all-natural, revolutionary, alternative, anti-inflammatory analgesic that is a THC-free cannabidiol based product”. Further, just over 50% believe their patients would be likely to try a product of this type at their recommendation.

Theramu Products
Theramu offers six initial products, available to consumers and wellness professionals nationwide at Topicals include Relieve and Relieve with Menthol, and a sublingual elixir, Calm. Each product comes in two strengths to support various levels of discomfort. The PRO strength products also are sold by professionals wishing to offer patients an all-natural option as part of treatment plans.

About Theramu
Theramu products were developed as safe all-natural alternatives to improve people’s lives by supporting numerous functions of the human body. The proprietary compound of 100% Cannabidiol and EFA-rich pure Emu Oil soothes chronic aches and discomfort, promotes vital cellular renewal, restores and repairs skin, and provides #TheramuRelief for a balanced mind and body. Decades of evidence demonstrate indisputable positive health outcomes and safety of pure hemp extract. The US government owns patent 6630507, further documenting cannabinoids potential application for many inflammatory conditions. Theramu’s ideals support the movement toward safe, patient-centric, whole-person healthcare.

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