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At Theramu, we are dedicated to providing the most effective CBD products possible.  Our commitment to quality and consistency, along with recent regulatory changes, have led us to create this resource for anyone seeking to know more about the origin and makeup of our trusted formulas. To help facilitate this, we are adding QR codes to our products, which, when scanned, provide quick access to details about ingredients, quality control, independent lab test results, and more on each batch of the product.

We only partner with certified domestic growers and farmers, and monitor the process throughout the growing cycle. This gives us the ability to test the raw isolate for potency and purity before it ever goes into our products. We never buy from overseas, or other sources we do not maintain oversight of, and we never source finished products that would require additional testing.

Testing the raw isolate itself BEFORE the product is made provides the best surety of a clean, safe product.

Click to view the most recent complete independent lab test of our CBD Isolate here:


We believe it is important to deliver on what you promise, so we do third-party potency tests to verify the amount of CBD isolate in our finished products. Simply click or tap on your product below, and select your product’s batch number to learn more and view and download the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each product batch. These COAs reflect certified, independent lab testing, and disclose the amount of CBD in the product per ounce compared to the label claim – a detail that is frequently missing from many other brands’ testing. 


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