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Partnership Opportunities for Customers


We all know someone who could benefit from Theramu products – don’t keep them a secret! We have affiliate and referral options available that make sharing the Theramu love a win-win for everyone. Whether you are a Wellness Professional ready to recommend our products to your patients, a Superfan wanting to shout your Theramu success story from the rooftops, or a social media Influencer looking for a premium CBD product to get behind, we want to partner with you!


Add Theramu products to your practice and resell to your patients.


Share the Theramu love with friends and family and earn extra income!


Promote Theramu to your followers as an influencer affiliate.

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Partnership Opportunities for Businesses


Your patients, clients, and customers will appreciate immediate access to relief when you offer Theramu products for direct purchase, and it’s a great way to add revenue to your current business. The CBD sector continues to gain traction, and is projected to exceed 4 billion in sales revenue by the end of 2021. We are proud to have been part of this growing industry from its infancy, and to be able to offer a family of products made with superior ingredients, subjected to rigorous testing, and backed by exceptional customer service.


Add Theramu products to your health-focused inventory.


Supply Theramu to your pharmacy and health-focused retailers.


Interested in developing products for your own brand?

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Collaboration Opportunities for Research


As industry pioneers, we strive to further better understanding of the critical role cannabinoids play in health and wellness, and work with professionals at the forefront of CBD research here in the US. Our products are involved in several studies in progress related to issues ranging from peripheral neuropathy, to post-surgical pain management, to major skin disorders. If you would like to learn more about research involving our products, or are interested in incorporating our products into your own clinical research projects, we’d love to chat!




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